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On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about The KAAWS Clinic and how we can help you. We have online forms for everything related to our clinic and information about what to expect in your visit.

When you are looking for a veterinary care clinic you should be able to count on superior care and excellent service. The KAAWS Clinic has assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible preventive healthcare for your pet. We have a state of the art veterinary facility which is clean, comfortable, and efficient.

Call our Cypress location at (281) 843-5181, or our Aldine location at (281)-549-8717 to schedule an appointment and we will find a time that is convenient for you.

What to Expect

Once a year, you should take your pet in for a checkup. This will include a full physical exam, vaccines, and parasite testing. Ideally, your pet’s teeth should be cleaned annually as well. We can schedule these services within a few weeks of each other for your convenience. Our doctors will check the health of your pet from head to tail, and you will be very happy you came to The KAAWS Clinic for service.

Ensure any medical history and vaccine records you have of your pet is delivered to the clinic prior to your appointment. It’s best to keep a journal of your pet’s health throughout his or her life, including behavioral shifts. If you have something like this, share it with our team. If not, let us know everything that you think will be important. Our doctors can still work with whatever information you have.

In some circumstances, we will refer you to a specialist who has advanced expertise in areas such as internal medicine or surgery.

Forms & Policies

Payment Options

  • Payment is expected when services are rendered. In order to focus on our patients’ needs, customer service, and minimizing costs, we do not bill.
  • We accept debit cards, credit cards, and cash. CareCredit is also accepted.
  • Approval of all services will be approved and signed off on at the time of appointment by a representative 18 years of age or older after all options have been reviewed with our veterinary team.

Veterinary Resources

The KAAWS Clinic is aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet. Our team has taken the time and evaluated the following sites. We trust the information the listed websites provide to you, our client, and member of our family.

Emergency Planning

In the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster in which you and/or your animals need to be rescued, identifying the number of animals within the house will help ensure that no pet is left behind. A Rescue Alert sticker can be obtained for free from the following site:

Your pet emergency supply kit should include the following items:

  • Food: Food dishes and a 3 to 5 day supply of canned or dry food per animal, kept in a waterproof sealed container.
  • Water: Water bowls and 3 to 5 day supply of bottled water per animal.
  • Medicine: 2 weeks supply of any required medication.
  • Medical records: Photocopies of all medical records including: vaccination, prescriptions, and pertinent medical and surgical history.
  • First aid kit should include (but is not limited to): cotton bandage rolls, bandage tape, scissors, antibiotic ointment, flea and tick prevention, latex gloves, isopropyl alcohol, and saline solution.
  • Collar with ID tag, harness or leash, microchip number.
  • Current photos: in the event you get separated from your pet.
  • Crate or other pet carrier for each animal: The carrier should be large enough for your pet to stand comfortably and turn around.
  • Sanitation: Disposable litter pans and litter for cats. Paper towels, sanitary wipes, and disposable garbage bags.

Additional information is available at the following websites:

Pawsatively Raving Reviews

  • “Very professional, clean, cheerful and easy to find. Best price I could find to have my dog neutered.”

    - Beverly B.
  • “Professional, friendly, caring and attentive for my pet. I absolutely loved KAAWS. Thanks for your reasonable price also!!”

    - Tory F.
  • “My dog got excellent care from kind people. They act like they are happy to be there to take care of your pet. The fees are so reasonable and I feel the care and attention is the same as a high-priced vet office.”

    - Karen G

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  • Diverse Knowledge, Skills & Treatment Approach
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  • The Highest Form of Customer Service & Wellness Care
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