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Dental Cleaning

As of 1-1-13 KAAWS Clinic will no longer be able to offer dental services to any pet that has periodontal disease which has surpassed the first 2 stages of disease (see the dental disease diagram below). This also includes any animal with obvious trauma related, congenital, and/or acquired oral health problems. These problems can include:  Broken and/or abscessed tooth/teeth, resorptive lesions, epulis (gum tissue overgrowth), symphyseal separation, oral masses (tumors), enamel erosion, etc. Pets with any of these (or additional diagnosed) higher risk problems will now be referred to a full service veterinarian for all dental services. KAAWS will only be able to perform limited extractions – any patient coming in for a routine cleaning found to have tooth/teeth requiring radiographs prior to pulling (based on surgeon's recommendation) will not be extracted and your pet will be referred to a full service veterinarian for radiographs and extractions.

We highly RECOMMEND:

  1. Dental radiographs at a full-service clinic prior to cleaning.
  2. Preanesthetic bloodwork to evaluate organ function prior to sedation for all patients. We offer a basic CBC for $28.75, and a full panel for $87.27.
  3. Though not mandatory for a dental cleaning at our facility, we recommend all cats and dogs be fully vaccinated for their protection as any exposure to any other animal(s) can pose a risk whether it is at a clinic, a park, or your own home. Our clinic recommends all canines be vaccinated for DHLP and Bordetella, and all felines be vaccinated for FVRCP and FeLV (in addition to law mandated rabies vaccines). We are happy to provide these vaccines at the time of the dental services should you elect to update your pet's vaccines. *Please see price list under "Vaccinations" for costs and discount packages.


  1. Full body wellness examination prior to cleaning to ensure we can provide dental services to your pet(s). KAAWS Clinic can only perform basic, routine (non-problematic) dental services as dental radiographs and specialized treatments and medications used to treat periodontal disease are not available at our facility. Exam fee is $21.50
  2. A $50.00 deposit will be required to schedule a dental cleaning service. This will go towards the total cost of services when performed. *If for any reason you should need to change or cancel a scheduled appointment, 24 hour notice is required to avoid forfeiture of deposit. If the appointment is late for appointed arrival time or is no showed, the deposit will be automatically forfeit and another deposit will be required to re-schedule.
  3. A pre-operative blood work panel is MANDATORY for any geriatric pet due to the higher risk of anesthesia complications. The additional cost for this panel when required is $87.27.
  4. Proof of current rabies vaccine must be provided (tags are not acceptable proof). If acceptable proof is not provided, your pet will receive a rabies vaccine for an additional cost of $11.50.

Please refer to the Dental Cleaning Consent & Patient Questionnaire Form.

Dental Cleaning Cost:  $115

  1. This price includes veterinarian's pre-operative/anesthetic exam, 30 minutes of anesthesia, cleaning with ultrasonic scaler, polishing, fluoride treatment, and 3 days of pain medications.
  2. If for any reason your pet's dental services require over 30 minutes of anesthesia, an additional $17.25 will be charged to supplement additional anesthesia maintenence costs.
  3. Any extractions ($5.75-$25.00/tooth), antibiotics, additional pain medication(s), e-collars, and/or fluids deemed necessary by surgeon ARE NOT INCLUDED AND WILL BE IN ADDITION to $115.00 CLEANING PRICE.

*Prices subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is periodontal disease? – Periodontal disease is inflammation of some or all of a tooth’s support. When compared to gingivitis, periodontitis indicates bone loss. If left untreated, periodontitis may cause loose painful teeth as well as internal disease.
  • What causes periodontal disease? – Periodontal disease is caused by plaque (bacteria). Bacteria are attracted to the surface within hours of teeth being cleaned. Within days, the plaque becomes mineralized and produces calculus. As plaque ages and gingivitis develops then periodontitis (bone loss) occurs.
  • What are the signs? – Bad breath is the primary sign of periodontal disease. Dogs’ and cats’ breath should not have a disagreeable odor. When periodontal disease advances, inability to chew hard food as well as excessive drooling with or without blood may occur.
  • How is periodontal disease diagnosed? – Bone loss from periodontal disease occurs BELOW the gum line. In order to get a true evaluation of what stage your pet is in, your pet must be examined under general anesthesia for a full visual exam, x-rays, and instruments are used to measure bone loss.  The disease is then graded on a scale of 1 to 4 (see below):


Grade 1: Gingivitis

Grade 2: Early periodontitis-less than 25% support loss

Grade 3: Established periodontitis – between 25-50% support loss

Grade 4: Advanced periodontitis – greater than 50% support loss

  • How is periodontal disease treated? – Treatment depends on the severity of the disease. Stage 1 gingivitis can be treated by teeth cleaning, polishing, and fluoride treatment. Stage 2 disease will require deep scaling and application of a local antimicrobial if pocket exists. Stage 3 disease is treated similarly in cases where the owner is able to provide and the owner is able to accept daily plaque control. Once stage 4 disease occurs, surgery is necessary to treat the affected teeth through specific procedures or extraction.
  • What is the prognosis for periodontal disease? – Gingivitis is treatable and curable with daily tooth brushing. PERIODONTAL DISEASE IS NOT CURABLE ONCE BONE LOSS OCCURS, but may be controllable once treated and followed up with strict home care.

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